TxCEIA awards two (2) $500 scholarships each year
(One to a deserving 2-year college student and one to a deserving

4-year college student). 
Interested students should complete the application below.

NOTE:  The application period closes April 30, 2019!

  • Student must be attending a TxCEIA member school (review member school list here)

  • Scholarship will be awarded to a current and/or continuing 4-year school student

  • Scholarship will be awarded to a 2-year school student who has completed or is participating in a relevant work experience to include an internship/co-op/practicum



Please complete this application in its entirety. Attach cover letter, resume, unofficial transcript, two work experience essays and written proof of work experience (employer letter or email confirmation or employer job performance evaluation). Other supporting documents to include letters of recommendation or commendations maybe submitted. If all required information is not completed and required documentation not submitted, your application will not be processed. If you have any questions, please contact your University Career Services office.


Name *
Please provide semester/year, i.e. Fall 2019, etc.
Please write in the format of semester/year, i.e., Fall 2019.
1. COVER LETTER 2. RESUME 3. UNOFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT 4. TWO WORK EXPERIENCE ESSAYS 5. WRITTEN PROOF OF WORK EXPERIENCE Please email your complete application to robert.foley@tamu.edu. MAKE SURE that you have your Career Service rep. sign both your RESUME and COVER LETTER AND INCLUDE THEIR BUSINESS CARD AS WELL. You can find examples of resumes and cover letters at: https://www.uhd.edu/academics/business/centers-institutes/career-center/Pages/Student-Services.aspx For your WORK EXPERIENCE ESSAYS, the first essay needs to address what lessons you learned, experiences gained or skills developed during your work experience. The second essay should address your long-term career aspirations and how did or will this work experience help you achieve them. Each essay is to be 150 words or less. Submit both as part of the application package per the above instructions.